Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis is a 
project that works with the help 
of a lot of friends along the way.

One part of the band is playing live, another 
part of is recording/writing songs and yet 
another part is promoting the project.

Here the chronological introduction to
the band members:

Reto Dula Eller         general supervision (the guy that says what you 
			don't like to hear), recording supervision, 
			artwork CD, guitar live/recording
Beat Barmy Barmettler   recording supervision, bass live/recording,
                        backings live, arrangement live

Tabea Schwab            lyrics-, melody- & communication supervision, 
			backings live/recording
Cooper Roberts          video clip supervison, keyboards/samples live, 
			lyrics supervision & inspiration
Thoemsy Infanger        drums recording

Lukas Speissegger       recording producer (the man with the braincable)
                        bass, guitar, drums, backings, keys recording.
                        arrangement recording
Jerome Galli            drums live/recording, arrangement live
Raphael Zingg           guitar, harmonica live, arrangement live
Roli Wuersch            drums live/recording, arrangement live/recording

Erich Schneider         mixing/lights live, event organisation
Raphael Raffs Walker    guitar live, arrangement live
Nik Fehlmann            guitar/vox live, arrangement live

Jwan Steiner            percussions/drums live

Anna Bucher		akkordeon live

The fried bikini project started before the music as a 
picture gallery for bouldering in engelberg in 2003. 
A year later it transformed into a blog for travelling, 
climbing and surfing with funny fictional stories 
and became

Having recorded some songs on an classic 8-track in
2005 and starting to film with the first
still cameras in 2006, it was obvious to support
the movies with the recorded sounds. those were much 
liked on youtube, often for the music.
That was the turning point when music became the 
driving horse of the project and concert 
offers started to come in and a band was needed.

All ever since climbing and surfing remained
a very important part of the project.
It's the worldwide family of the climbing scene
that made the sounds of this project travel that far.